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FAQs - Logiciel Ghana Limited

Logiciel Ghana Limited is an innovative technology and services company that delivers core banking, mobile banking, and cash mobilization platforms in Africa. Logiciel uses IT cloud and mobile technologies to assist financial institutions, governments and cash based enterprises to increase revenues and reduce costs by enabling them to increase back-office productivity; significantly reduce cash leakage; and make real-time management decisions.

Logiciel’s platforms perform more than 8million financial transactions on behalf of our clients on an annualised basis.

Logiciel was set up to meet a need for non banking financial institutions to have professional and cost effective back office systems with limited requirements for specialised IT skills and capital investment.

Logiciel’s vision is to be the major IT facilitator for the movement of money in the informal finance sector to wherever investment is needed in Africa.

Logiciel’s Mission: Logiciel’s mission is to be a valued partner of financial institutions and give them a competitive edge by offering unique mobile solution, which they can leverage to serve their clients even from the remotest parts of the country.

At Logiciel our key focus is to add value to each and every one of our customers based on the following principles;

  • Dedication to driving value through innovation
  • Dedication to exceed the expectation of our customers
  • Timely service delivery
  • Simple software user interfaces designed for semi-skilled operators

Logiciel Ghana Limited is creating an organizational culture that reinforces the following values:

  • INNOVATION – To have simple products, with simple interface for end to end functionality
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – To satisfy and exceed customer expectations
  • PEOPLE ORIENTED – To develop full potential of organizational talents
  • SIMPLICITY - To provide interfaces designed for semi-skilled operators.

Logiciel operates two platforms – gKudi and eSpyon. The diagram below is a simple representation of our technology: 


The  two platforms, gKudi and eSpyon are described below.

gKudi Managed Microfinance Platform:

Combining IT ‘Cloud’ and mobile technology, the gkudi platform is a ‘Managed’ microfinance platform service that supplies an end- to- end, real- time management information system to run and control risk for banking operations in MFIs.

The gKudi platform provides MFIs with functionality that includes core banking, Customer Relationship Management, ‘Know Your Customer’ details, product design (saving, loans, investments and Susu), GL Accounting, Treasury management, Bank of Ghana Regulatory Reporting, Agent management tools and customer automatic SMS alerts.

The gKudi platform offers MFIs the opportunity for fast and efficient operations and expansion in the informal banking sector with fixed costs, reduced overheads and no requirement for the large scale development of IT infrastructure, product integration & development, or human resources. This in turn generates new revenue streams with quicker returns for MFIs.

eSpyon Cash mobilization platform:

Combining IT ‘Cloud’ and mobile technology, the eSpyon platform assists companies mobilise cash with field agents by providing a real-time cash monitoring system.  It provides the ability for the a company’s mobile field agent (collector) to go to their customer’s premises to collect cash, for a receipt to be printed and for an SMS to be sent to the customer to acknowledge receipt.

The Logiciel eSpyon Collection monitoring Platform offers a number of important benefits for customers:

Drastic reduction of leakage during cash collection:  Real time monitoring of Field Agents using ESpyon Collection Monitoring System reduces cash leakages by up to 80%.

Faster Operations: Field agents are able to carry out more functions within a shorter time hence a significant reduction in operational costs. Data is sent from the field and is automatically routed to a database miles away. Reconciliation is made instantly and there is limited need to employ resources for the reconciliation function.

Ability to quickly scale operations: Centralised processing provides you with the ability to scale your geographic operations without the need for significant IT expertise or infrastructure. This leads to increased business thereby increasing profits and improving customer service by taking services closer to those who need them.

Rapid Managerial Decision making: Real time information availed to the management enables them arrive at crucial decisions faster

Real time reports generation: Real time reports generation: the applications are designed to generate necessary report in real time such that even the most recent change is captured.

Logiciel is a Ghanaian owned Technological Solutions Company, comprising of innovators dedicated to providing Banking & Financial Technological Solutions to the best interests of its clients. It is incorporated as a private company limited by shares.

Logiciel’s software platforms have been designed by personnel who have extensive experience of the banking, IT and telecommunications markets in Ghana and Africa.
Our deep knowledge of these markets in Africa, means our platform architecture is uniquely designed to:

  • Provide low, predictable costs to our customers.
  • Facilitate our customers’ rapid growth through interfaces designed for operation by semi-skilled personnel.

A substantial portion of our revenues goes toward product development and enhancements which we offer our customers as a part of routine upgrades. The research and development team is based in Accra and so the latest local market intelligence can be quickly incorporated in future upgrades.  And our presence in the local market gives our customers comprehensive local support.

Clients currently using Logiciel’s software platforms include G-life Microfinance Limited, Phoenix Insurance Limited, Bayport Financial Services and Optimal Revenue Service (Agona Swedru Municipal Assembly).

Logiciel offers the following advantages over other providers:

  • A Track record – understand the market and have an operational platform with over 160,000 Accounts and 500k transactions per month.
  • A uique approach to informal market - architecture provides low costs to customers.
  • The platforms are designed with simple interfaces permitting the use of semi-skilled operators
  • The platforms are integrated into  all Mobile Networks in Ghana.
  • Logiciel’s IT services are easy to do business and easy to implement.
  • Logiciel has ‘Boots on the ground’ in Ghana to supply end-to-end support.
  • Logiciel has a roadmap of investment and portfolio expansion plan

So that the customer is able to focus on ONLY brand, marketing and sales.

April 2013 – Upgrade and completion of  industralised gKudi multi-customer cloud platform architecture and migration of first customers.

May 2013 – Agreement with the Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies as preferred supplier of software.

Logiciel has approximately 45  companies using its platforms,  and supports more than 160,000 Accounts across 100 branches in  seven of the 10 regions of Ghana. 

Logiciel is managed by a professional team passionate about using IT to facilitate the movement of money in African economies. They have more than fifty years collective experience in IT, telecommunications and banking in Africa.

Derek Appiah

Derek is the Chief Executive Officer of Logiciel. He has more than 25 years of management experience and a strong track record of commercializing innovations in the converging industries of IT, telecoms and media in UK Middle East and Africa. He was previously the Director of Vodafone Business Solutions in Ghana and Chief Enterprise Solutions Officer of MTN in Nigeria.

Derek Appiah 

Derrick Dankyi

Derrick is the Chief Operating Officer of Logiciel. He was previously the CEO of a $3.5m microfinance institution that he created and developed. In addition he has more than 10 years of experience working with IT systems in various financial institutions notable amongst them are Global Solutions, Rancard Solutions, Women’s World Banking and Ezi Savings and Loans.

Farida Bedway

The CTO of Logiciel is a software architect with over 15 years’ experience in the development and implementation of mobile and enterprise software. She  has developed payroll, human resource and other information management systems for a number of clients within Ghana and the West African sub-region as well as developed value added services and mobile applications for the major cellular network providers within Africa.


YES.  Simple software user interfaces designed for semi-skilled operators is built into our design principles.

Contact Logiciel  directly via email or phone.
T: (0302) 946 408
M: 0545291026 or 0265449498

Contact Ghana Association of Microfinance Companies (GAMC)  secretariat.