Gkudi Microfinance Platform

The gkudi is a relatively low-cost real time integrated web/cloud based micro-banking platform which enables microfinance companies and other financial institutions as well as credit unions in the informal sector manage their client’s information and back office operations while providing a critical source of aggregate financial data on the informal sector. gKudi aggregates critical real-time data on microfinance companies as they work across various companies in various locations. Logiciel aims to create an ecosystem of interconnectivity and interaction across the various stakeholders of financial service provision in the informal sector and to accelerate access to commerce and financing for the rural and low income earners. The gkudi platform is integrated with features for the highly mobile rural business people in need of financial services and needing to interact with their accounts and stay updated.

It offer customers the opportunity for fast and efficient operations and expansion in the informal banking sector with fixed costs, reduced overheads and no requirement for the large scale development of IT infrastructure, product integration development, or human resources.
This in turn generates new revenue streams with quicker returns.

Service Features

  • Core functionality – Service Management portal plus CRM, Core Banking products, Centralized MIS (minimum of 5 users).
  • Pick & Mix value-add functionality – option to overlay core proposition with additional functionality.
    • Agent Monitoring
    • Auto SMS Alerts
    • SUSU product functionality
    • GL Accounting and Treasury Management
    • Regulatory and Stakeholder (eg. CGAP) report generation.


Customer Benefits

  • Facilitates Customer to sell banking products without need for specialized network, systems infrastructure or IT expertise.
  • Facilitates quick, low risk market participation by Customer with predictable technology costs.
  • Facilitates customer to significantly reduce cash collection leakage.
  • Provides an integrated and high quality end user experience allowing customer to maintain and enhance brand credibility.
  • Customer is able to focus on ONLY brand, marketing and sales


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