October 2014 News Update

Some News Updates for the website.. August 19th : gKudi platform releases upgrades to Savings & Investment models. gKudi platform software was upgraded today with new features for Savings and Investment models. Main new features include: - Savings Models: Introduction of customisable withdrawal limits, Flexible Savings interest configurations, Additional self-configurable charges. - Fixed Investment Models: Printing of investment certificate, Optional flexible interest payments, Self-configuration of dis-investment rules. These new features allows gKudi users to fine-tune their Savings and Investment products to their market requirements. September 16th: gKudi platform upgrades Loan models. In the spirit of continuous improvement of the gKudi platform, Logiciel upgraded the Loan models on the gKudi platform today with additional functionality for our clients. In addition to numerous minor upgrades, a daily penalty accrual functional has been introduced to the Loan models. This will enable gKudi users to keep better control of their loan portfolios. October 1st: Online help desk launched for gKudi users. The gKudi online help desk function allows gKudi users to seek online help and support online from Logiciel’s dedicated support team. Using the online desk, gKudi users can now post, manage and track status of support tickets in real-time. The online help desk can be accessed at http://help.logicielghana.com/ October Xth : Logiciel CTO- Farida Bedwei – honoured. ( You were going to write a few words on this for us) October 7th: gKudi platform upgraded with enhanced security features. Following feedback from our users, the gKudi platform was upgraded today with additional security features for customer validation. Creation or changes to key customer details now need independent authorisation. These new security features will reduce possible fraud risks associated with customer accounts.