Espyon Mobile Platform

eSpyon is a mobile revenue collection monitoring platform that allows field agents or revenue collection agents to perform financial transaction real time. This serves as a revenue collection monitoring tool to keep track on agents assigned to collect cash on the field from rural populations and customers irrespective of their geographic locations. It is designed to assist government agencies, insurance companies and utility companies mobilise cash on the field using agents. eSpyon is designed to provide real time analysis on all cash mobilised by agents as well as consolidated cash mobilised for the day. It is currently being piloted with some selected Institutions across the country and expected to be re-designed and scaled up during the time frame of the strategic business plan.

The eSpyon platform enables companies to efficiently mobilize cash with field agents by providing a real-time monitoring system that drastically reduces the risks of cash leakages and the effort required for reconciliation.

Service Features

  • Account set up model
  • Real time online monitoring of all collections
  • Real time  view of cash in hand
  • Real time production of receipts for collections
  • Detailed client outstanding balances
  • Extensive Management reports including:
  • Agent’s daily, monthly and yearly collection
  • Branch daily, weekly or monthly collection
  • Customer detail statement
  • Auto SMS alert (Optional extra)


Customer Benefits

  • Drastic fraud reduction
  • Improved efficiency
  • Instant cash reconciliation
  • Improved record keeping
  • Faster operations
  • Real time report generation
  • No need for in-branch IT skill
  • Limited capital investment