Logiciel is an indigenous wholly owned Ghanaian turnkey Technological Solutions Company, delivering cutting-edge software technology in areas including Banking & Finance, Mobile Monitoring & Tracking and Electronic Data Processing.

We invest in infrastructure and human resource to deliver products, technical support and consultancy services to our satisfied clientele. Logiciel also specializes in innovative cloud-based systems for Financial Institutions in Ghana and Sub- Sahara Africa.

Logiciel has gained the reputation of being the market leader and driving force behind most successful microfinance institutions in Ghana. Through its Global Network Delivery Model, Innovation Network, and Solution Accelerators, Logiciel focuses on helping organizations address their business challenges effectively.

The company was set up in 2012 by a Team of young energetic Ghanaians whose passion for national development necessitated their desire in setting up this ICT Company in Ghana. The young enthusiastic Ghanaians behind this company are; Mr. Derrick Kwaku Dankyi and Ms. Farida Bedwei.

The Company has made significant progress in the past years in achieving its target of becoming the leading provider of micro-banking solution for Microfinance Institutions in Ghana. The company launched its flagship product in 2013 known as “g-Kudi” which later was rebranded as Zigloi platform for microfinance Institutions in Ghana.


“To become the leading pro-poor service provider of cloud based mobile banking application and shared data platform in the Microfinance Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa”.


Logiciel is dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovative ICT technology to become the partner of choice for the microfinance institutions, governments, financial institutions and enterprises by helping them create, bridge the gap, build and maintain reliable and cost-effective solutions in enhancing financial inclusion and transformational development of rural poor and low income earners.

Core Values


Logiciel Limited has made tremendous achievements in the past  years in Ghana and Nigeria.

 The leading provider of core banking solution for the Microfinance Industry in Ghana and has the largest cloud based platform for Microfinance Industry.

  • Some Track Record of the Company
  • Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship
  • MasterCard Foundation Rural Prosperity Programme
  • Cloud-Based Application
  • Job Creation

Logiciel has provided its flagship application for over 600 Microfinance Institutions in Ghana comprising of; Microfinance Companies, Credit Unions, Micro Credit Companies & Enterprises, SUSU Collection Enterprises and Rural Bank.

Logiciel was nominated in [2015] for the Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship held in Morocco and we were short listed among top 5 Institutions to receive the award.

Logiciel was in 2015 short listed among 10 Institutions in Africa to receive grants from the MasterCard Foundation Rural Prosperity Programme.

Logiciel has provided a cloud-based application for the purposes of loan monitoring and revenue collection for 2 Universal Banks with over 340 branch network, 2 Insurance Companies with over 14 Branches and 2 Rural Banks.

Logiciel has provided jobs for over 50 youthful Ghanaians and Nigerians and has indirectly provided jobs for over 7,000 staff of microfinance Institutions working as field mobile bankers with the Microfinance Institutions.

Our Platform has affected the lives of over 1.8 million Ghanaians in facilitating access to financial services in harnessing inclusive finance.

The company over the past 72 months has trained 1,500 youth working with Microfinance Institutions on our core banking platform and basic financial analysis.


Farida Nana Efua Bedwei

Farida's role involves assessing the industry and coming up with practical solutions.

Farida Nana Efua Bedwei

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Abigail Ama Serwaa

Abigail has been instrumental in offering quality first line of support to customers.

Abigail Ama Serwaa

Customer Service Manager