Business Advisory

Business Advisory

At Logiciel, we have worked directly and indirectly with many businesses. One of the purposes for working with these businesses has been to offer business advisory services.  Most of the clients we offer our business advisory services to fall within the MSME and Micro-Banking sector. Our goal is to guide businesses to minimize risk, maximize business efficiency and be in a good position for investment opportunities.

Our business advisory services are provided in the form of consultations in the following fields;

  • Accounting

Our accounting business advisory services are meant to help our clients understand anything that has to do with their business finances. We are dedicated to guiding our clients to perform the needed actions in order to comply with mandatory policies. This included assisting with developing the required financial statements or reports.

  • Investment Readiness

At Logiciel, we are committed to the growth and development of our clients or businesses we work with. As a result we are committed to preparing our clients to be investor ready. What this means is that, we advise our clients on practices and procedures that are meant to position them in the right standing to attract investors. We help put together some of the winning strategies that will easily attract investor attention.

  • Technology solutions

In a world with tech solutions taking over at a very quick pace, businesses are required to adapt as quickly as possible. Logiciel offers consultancy services to businesses as to what techn solutions they require to improve their overall business efficiency.

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