Logiciel has proven to be one of the most reliable Technology firms in the country regarding Project Execution. Logiciel exhibits a high level of execution from project conceptualization, Initiation to project closure. We have a team of top project managers who lead from Business Requirement documentation to product development. The qualities mentioned earlier puts the company ahead of its competitors and presents new opportunities to the company in terms of getting access to a broad base of diverse clients who want products built for them.

The CAPBuSS project is a government initiative to provide aid in funding to the MSMEs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 generally saw businesses lose sales due to suppressed economic activities during that period. With funds set aside by the government of Ghana, business owners are given access to loans to help sustain operations for their businesses which were severely crippled by the pandemic.

Logiciel was tasked to develop a system to cater to the loans’ registration, management, and disbursement.